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About Hickory Flooring

Grain - Hickory is a coarse grained species so the grain stands out as a feature of the wood unlike Cherry or Walnut.  The more visible grain adds texture to the wood and highlights the uniqueness of each board.

Color - Hickory is known for its color variation between sapwood and heartwood.  The heartwood in a hickory floor is deep amber with dark brown streaks of grain, while the sapwood is clear and pale, brightening the floor with a high contrast from the heartwood.  This contrast will diminish as the wood darkens with age and wear

Character marks - One of Hickory's most well known and beloved characteristics is its extensive character marks such as knots or bark.  The almost black bark that often grows into the center of the tree is almost only seen in Hickory flooring.  While this characteristic is often used to add a rustic feel to a room, a floor with more light sapwood fits very well in a more modern setting. A Hickory floor can also be ordered in a higher grade to minimize knots and bark contrast in the wood.

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