About Walnut Flooring

Grain - Walnut is a fine grained species so the grain recedes into the floor showing the natural growth pattern of the trees.  The more delicate grain adds less texture to the wood and highlights the unique coloration of each board.  Walnut is especially known for its grain figuring which ripples across some boards.

Color - Walnut is known for its rich dark brown color with slightly purple and green tones in places.  The heartwood of Walnut is the signature deep brown, while the sapwood is an arresting contrast of light yellow and amber.  Orders can be customized to maximize or minimize sapwood. 

Character marks -  Walnut is not known for extensive character marks such as knots or bark.  These can, however, provide focus and interest to a floor because the knots are a striking black which contributes to a darker floor. A Walnut floor can be ordered in a higher grade to minimize knots in the wood.

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