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White Oak

About White Oak Flooring

Grain - White Oak's coarse grain darkens the floor with a strong pattern. The characteristic grain patterns provide several different options for a floor. White Oak can be milled Plain Sawn which allows for the traditional "cathedral" grain patterns which are naturally in all flooring.  White Oak can also be milled Quarter Sawn or Rift and Quartered to produce very straight grain in all the boards.  While this has been called uninteresting, Quarter Sawn boards display medullary ray flecks which catch the light beautifully.

Color - White Oak is a light brown with very slight variation between the lighter sapwood and the darker heartwood.  The wood is marked by the darker grain but generally in a uniform coloring.

Character marks - White Oak naturally has tight knots and character marks. While these add interest and beauty to the floor, White Oak can be ordered in a higher grade to minimize the character marks.

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