What sets our flooring apart

We love hardwood. For generations, the Hepler family has been milling quality Pennsylvania hardwood. From choosing the trees to milling the flooring, to installing it in your home, we are involved in every step of the process and stand behind the product that we deliver.


In short, the design-build project delivery method is a process that allows homeowners to work with a single company for both the design and construction phases of their homes construction projects.

With design-build, the homeowner hires a single company to both design and construct their project. This eliminates the potential for miscommunications and errors and the need to coordinate between multiple contractors. As a result, design-build projects often tend to be completed more quickly and efficiently than those completed using the design-bid-build method.

Not only that, but because design-build firms are typically made up of in-house designers, architects, and builders, they can offer homeowners a one-stop shop for all their construction needs. This makes the design build process much simpler and more streamlined than the design-bid-build method, which requires homeowners to coordinate between multiple contractors.


Ready to Move Forward?

Our sales team has a wealth of knowledge about local real estate and building quality custom homes. They are happy to answer questions, give you a full consultation with pricing, or simply point you towards the best companies and learning resources.