Distressed Surface Treatments

The Hardwood Mall is proud to offer a variety of surface treatments allowing your floor to show age, traditional manufacturing marks, and weathering. In an age of plastic, your floor will be something real and historic. These character enhancements include:

Wire Brushing

Hardwood flooring with a weathered appearance provides a feeling of gentle aging - old barns, farm wagons, a life well lived. This weathered effect is recommended for broad grain woods such as Oak, Ash and Hickory. It is not recommended for close grain species like Maple, Cherry, or Walnut.



    Hand Scraping

    The look of this flooring hearkens back to a day when skill with hand tools produced the elements of a house. Hand scraping is a great choice for any hardwood species and is available in light, medium and heavy patterns at your request.



      Contour Sanding

      A Hardwood floor preserves the history of the home.  The wood gently speaks of generations padding their way from room to room. You will see and feel that history with this "Time Worn" treatment. Available in subtle and deep contours, this effect enhances any hardwood species.



        Band Saw and Circular Saw Marks


        19th and 20th Century America was built with lumber sawn on a circle sawmill.  While the majority of lumber produced today is band sawn, these marks also remind us of the days before sawmills.  These marks can be shallow and sparse or deep at your request.

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