The first step in your Natural Element Home building adventure at The Hardwood Mall is to make contact. Below you will find several ways to engage with me Dan Trimble, a design/build specialist with over twenty two years pursuing the right thing and over 100 specialty homes under my belt. Feel free to contact me if you have property and are ready to start the design program, or if you simply have questions and are looking for answers about process, cost, propery searches, or anything related to your particular home ideas. I look forward to hearing more about you, your plans for building, and where you are in the process with the plans to build your specialty home.

Dan Trimble Cell Phone for calls or texts 412-309-1161

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Meet with me at The Hardwood Mall on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, or other days/times by appointment.

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Please note, to call the Front desk at the Hardwood Mall: 724-867-2243

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