Workshop Services

Rip, Plane, Level

When you buy slabs or rough lumber at the Hardwood Mall we can help you prep it so that it's ready for you to start on your project. We can level and cut slabs, and can rip and plane rough lumber.

Cut to Length

If you don't need a full board we can cut it to your desired length, and if you want a full board but it won't fit in your car we are happy to cut it into two pieces to make it work.

Complementary Finish Samples

If you picked out a floor (or have an existing floor) and are ready to pick a hard oil color finish, you are welcome to bring a sample of your wood to the Hardwood Mall, or come in and tell us what kind of wood your floor is. We can prepare color samples of Rubio Monocoat for you in our shop and show you how to apply the finish.

Color Matching

If you are trying to match an existing floor, send us a sample and we can work with you to match both color and finish.