Shipping: Delivery Tips

Questions or problems: If you are at all not sure, CALL The Hardwood Mall before the truck leaves and before you sign anything.

Hand offload: Unless you have requested professional unloading, you and your crew need to unload.  If the driver helps, he will charge $100 that we will have to bill back to you.

If your order is approximately 40/50 Bundles This is about 15 minutes to unload to the curbside next to the truck. You just need a person on the truck and a person on the ground.  The more people the better. Two works for a small load but 3 or more neighbors or a crew will make things easier on all.

TIPS How I unload:  You can unload directly onto the ground, into a pickup/van or into the jobsite if it is accessible for the delivery truck. Each bundle will have to be hand unloaded off the delivery truck and carried to any location.  Be careful as you do not want to overload the pickup/van. If there is too much wood, move the pickup away and unload the balance of the order on the ground.

Weight: Be careful when using a truck or van as the weight of the hardwoods can be tons. Load up the vehicle and then put the rest on the ground for the next trip

If the driver tries to help, tell him your team can handle it. If the driver does help, BE SURE to tip him. I usually give the driver $20 if he helps. I have always tipped and never had the $100 “hand offload” fee.

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