When choosing hardwood flooring, Appalachian Maple is a sometimes underrated option. But this customer was able to work with us to get an end result that is quite stunning.  This over 2,000 square foot house is floored entirely in Appalachian Maple, but while the customer loved Maple's characteristic appearance they wanted to be add a little variety to their floors. 

First, they chose to go with random width boards of 3", 4", and 5" across to break up any monotony in their larger rooms. The customer also chose to use a clear polyurethane finish on their floors without applying any prior stain to preserve the natural color variation of the Appalachian Maple while still protecting the floor.


Next the customer added to the unique possibilities of this house by using Appalachian Maple herringbone flooring in one room and a hallway.  By keeping to the same species of wood, the customer provided continuity of color and grain characteristics while also having a more intricate and artistic section of the house.  This herringbone was laid in the master bedroom which has lovely french doors looking out on a balcony and continues out in a decorative strip through the master bath and ends in the hallway that leads to the loft over the great room.


The great room itself is almost 1000 square feet and needed to be finished in sections to avoid complications in drying time.  Our expert installers portioned off areas of the floor and carefully finished it with semi-gloss waterborne polyurethane to provide the appropriate sheen.  This is seen to its best advantage in the great room where the massive window wall and two story ceiling provide ample lighting as well as a beautiful view.














This house is truly unique and cannot be recreated but it still provides viewers with inspirational ideas of how to use the techniques and materials seen here in creative ways to improve their own home.















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