Experience our showroom

Come visit our showroom in Emlenton, PA, off I-80 exit 42. We have a two-story reclaimed barn housing quality furniture and flooring samples, in addition to two warehouse full of unique lumber finds.

Hardwood Flooring

The Hepler family has been milling hardwood floors for generations. We can mill you a floor to match your desired specifications: width, species, grade, thickness, finishes, etc. We are confident in our product because we are involved in every step of its production.

The Workshop

The west warehouse at the Hardwood Mall houses our workshop, where we work with you to design and construct heirloom pieces of handcrafted furnture

We are proud to be an authorized retailer for the following products, which we use on a daily basis in our workshop and on our installs.

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Stock trim, rough lumber, slabs, flooring, and S4S

Our warehouses hold a wide variety of hardwood products for your home renovation or workshop projects. We carry an array of both domestic and exotic hardwood species. If we don't have what you need, we are always happy to try to source it for you.

explore our furniture options

We stock a variety of bedroom and dining sets, as well as some other standalone pieces. If you see a piece of furniture on our floor that is not the right size, we can get it for you according to your custom dimensions. Do you want a unique heirloom piece of furniture? Work with us to build a one-of-a-kind statement piece that will be with your family for generations


Please accept these thanks from a happy, satisfied customer.  A week ago, I bought a salvaged beam from your back room...  The project I was planning and have now started required a piece of wood with very particular qualities and I was under considerable pressure to find one that satisfied those requirements. 

After a few days of searching, I called your mall and spoke with your salesman.  I explained in detail what I was looking for and he said he wasn't sure, but you just might have what I needed.  I told him I would drive up from Pittsburgh to your showroom the next day.I introduced myself when I arrived, he remembered our conversation and we walked out of your showroom and into your back room lumber warehouse.  It became immediately obvious that after our phone call, he had looked to see if you indeed might have what I needed. 

I appreciate that he had taken the time to prepare for my arrival and already knew what he had that might fit my requirements.  He helped me conduct thorough inspections of several pieces of stock and the beam I bought seemed to fit the bill. 

I wasn't sure the piece I needed was "buried" in the beam, but I took the risk because your salesman had done all he could to help me mitigate the risk.It's been a week, but I can now say with certainty, after considerable effort cutting away what I didn't need, that what I bought was worth every penny.  

I'm an old man.  At my age, time is precious.  You didn't just sell me a piece of wood.  You enabled me to buy precious time. Thanks again,Art