Take a trip deep into the woods on the edge of the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania and you will come upon this delightful log cabin getaway. 

Rebuilt from and original two room log cabin, these customers knew that they would need a very special floor to match this once-in-a-lifetime house.  They chose a wide plank reclaimed pine floor and added saw kerf marks to match the rustic interior of the cabin. 

The the reclaimed pine adds color variations along with the random width ofthe boards. The saw kerf marks give the floor a rough look but allow it to still be comfortable to walk on. 


The customer chose to finish the floor with Pure Rubio Monocoat Hard Oil because they preferred the low sheen and the slight amber tone that it imparted to the wood.


The wraparound porch is also pine, stained to protect it from the weather.  This cabin provides the perfect weekend getaway with a beautiful interior to ideally match its picturesque exterior.

Tour more of this home here.