This home showcases the many different options available with Oak flooring.  The customer chose 2-1/4 " plane sawn, clear grade, Red Oak for the upper regions of the house and to give the bedrooms a warm tone and allow more natural grain of plane sawn oak to supply its unique appearance unhindered by any knots. 

On the lower level of the house, our crew installed 4" quartersawn Red Oak.  The wider plank flooring decreases the busyness of the room and allows the characteristic medullary ray flecks of quartersawn boards to be noticed in the floor.  This floor is character grade and the requisite knots add to the comfortable appearance of the room and bread up the straight grain of a quartersawn floor.  The larger knots are filled with epoxy to ensure a smooth surface.

These floors were finished with a colored, hard oil finish to give the floor adequate protection and add a warmer color with the matte sheen that the customer desired.


Before applying the finish our crew opened the grain using a water popping technique so that the pigment would enter the grain and make it stand out in greater detail.


The hard oil finish also brought out the shimmer of the quartersawn medullary ray flecks to fuller advantage and the warm color of the Chocolate hard oil finish contrast perfectly with the cooler color choices on the walls to create a welcoming environment.

Belgian Hard Oil Applied to White Oak Flooring can be an excellent way protect your Hardwood Investment.  Tour installs of this flooring