Wide plank flooring catches the eye and gives much greater opportunity to maximize the grain and natural characteristics of the wood. The customer instantly added presence to their ground floor by installing over 1000 square feed of 6" White Oak Flooring.  They chose Livesawn flooring to keep the natural beauty of the wood and the intricate grain patterns and knots attract the interest of anyone who walks into the room. 

The livesawn grade of lumber is often used, because of its knots and irregular grain to create a rustic feel in a home.  In this house, however, the wide plank and white finish complete the art deco style scheme. One of the special characteristics of this install is the transition between the new, White Oak installation and the existing black and white tile














A White Oak board perpendicular to the rest of the hardwood flooring supplies a transition which emphasizes how the two floors complement each other with out detracting from either. 

The customer chose to finish this white oak floor with white Rubio Monocoat Hard Oil finish.  The white pigment in the finish fills the grain and highlights by creating he reverse effect of what is usually seen in a livesawn floor.  The finish  provides the floor with good protection and giving the floor a warmer tone even as the white suggests a cooling touch. 

Choosing a white color can mellow tones of any floor but here the unique possibilities of Oak make it the ideal floor for this home. See more pictures of this install here.