Coming Soon: Our New Model Home!

Timber Frame / Log / Hybrid / Home Design

Bringing the essence of the Hardwood Mall to the design and construction of you specialty wood home


We at the Hardwood Mall are proud to announce a new relationship with Natural Element Homes of Sweetwater Tennessee. Natural Element Homes has a long history specializing in home designs, exterior finishes, log, and timber elements, that bring the essence of the natural world into your home.               

Pair this up with The Hardwood Malls unique hardwood floors, doors, furniture, and interior finishes, and you have a striking thing of beauty, as well as a most wonderful living environment to call home.

We help you make a HOME


Designers will help you every step of the way


Dan Trimble is our resident designer/consultant/construction coordinator who will work with you, or you and your builder, to pull all the elements together for the best possible home design, the best possible building experience, and the result being the best possible living environment. 


We offer a variety of floor plans. SEE HOME PLANS HERE. Get inspired by what skilled architects have already designed or have your home built to match these existing plans.

We are a complete One Stop Shop that can help make your dream a reality by walking you through all aspects of building a custom home, from the initial planning phase, through home design and materials selection, all the way through to turnkey construction. For a home that’s uniquely yours

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