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Rubio Universal Maintenance Oil
Rubio Universal Maintenance Oil

Rubio Universal Maintenance Oil

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Yield is 0.5L = 750 - 1000SF - Universal Maintenance Oil is for a nice overhaul it's a medium weight oil and can be walked on in 6-8 hours with sock traffic.  Clean the floor, perhaps abrade with a maroon pad. Then apply the oil and completely remove so that the floor is dry to the touch.  Use a buffer to apply for larger areas.


Universal Maintenance Oil

Rubio Monocoat Maintenance Oil is a ready-to-use maintenance product that was developed to care for wood floors and surfaces finished with Rubio Monocoat Oil, as well as to upgrade surfaces finished with other oils.

This treatment will nourish and protect the wood and it restores and intensifies both the color and the durability of the finish.  It will also slightly increase the sheen of Rubio Monocoat's naturally matte finish.

Intervals for maintaining the floor vary depending on the amount of wear. It is recommended that this wood restoration oil treatment be carried out just as the protective oil, Monocoat Oil Plus, shows signs of fading (too much wear and tear) or if the color needs to be repaired.

  • Universal use
  • Easy Application
  • Quick Dry Time
  • Specifically suited for 'high traffic' areas
  • Adds a light glow to the surface
  • Available in 3 colors: Pure, Black, and White
  • 0% VOC


0.5 L = 750 - 1000/sq ft (depending on wear)
Use very little product to prevent the surface from becoming sticky.

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Directions for Application

No professional expertise is required to treat your floor with RMC Universal Maintenance Oil!

  • Eliminate dirt and dust from the floor or surface
  • Clean the surface thoroughly with RMC Soap and water.  Rinse well with water to eliminate any soap residue.  Leave it to dry completely.
  • MANUAL APPLICATION - Apply the oil using a cloth, brush, or sponge. 
  • INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION - Apply the oil using a floor polisher and a beige colored pad. When using a floor polisher, wipe dry using a white pad.
  • Treat areas of preferably 6-12 sq ft. Each treated area should be wiped dry using paper towels or a cotton cloth within 15 minutes.
  • Ensure the room is well-ventilated.  The floor should be dry after 6-8 hours.

After application of RMC Universal Maintenance Oil, clean only with a wet cloth. Later, RMC Soap may be used.