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Our Story


Clinton Hepler bought Seneca Hardwood Lumber Co. in 1960 and built the company into a flourishing regional supplier of hardwood products. One of his favorite sayings was, "We're not perfect, but we are the best there is."

As the years progressed into the 1980's and 90's, Clinton developed a national network of distributors and added a new facility dedicated to producing specialty flooring products. 

Clinton continued to buy timberland and eventually a state-of-the-art band sawmill. 

From then on, Seneca Hardwood now ran the entire process of milling hardwood, from forest to solid flooring.

In the early 2000's Wayne, Clinton Hepler's oldest son, decided to construct the Hardwood Mall as a new retail outlet for homeowners and builders. Wayne Hepler designed the building to house a reclaimed barn and outfitted the different rooms with spectacular floors, trim, and molding to help inspire customers.


Wayne has since begun passing on the business to the third generation, and every part still remains family owned and operated. 

Joe, owner of the Hardwood Mall, is married to Carrie, who is Wayne's eldest daughter. Joe and Carrie are able to bring up their growing family in the woods of Pennsylvania and grow the Hardwood Mall into a thiving business.

The Hardwood Mall has grown to be a major supplier of hardwood products for homeowners and contractors alike. 

We also were able to expand our install crew, so that our customers can buy their floor from the people who logged the trees, and then have the same trusted source install the product into their homes. Below is Max (left), head of our in-house installation crew, and Joe, owner of the Hardwood Mall. Read more about our in house installations here.

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